In our products we use beech and juniper wood. Both are hardwood that are chemical free and shock resistant.
We recommend to wipe wood product with a damp cloth or wash with warm soapy water. After that, the product must be dried very thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. Remember, do not submerged the wood product in water. Do not boil, sterilize or put in the freezer. It will cause the wooden beads to splinter and crack. Wood products are sensitive to major variations in temperature changes. Note, that wooden clip must be spot clean only.
Our natural wood products come untreated with oils to avoid sensitivities and allergies. You may do this yourself and we recommend to use pure linseed oil to keep the wooden parts free from breaks and in their best condition.
In case, if the surface ever becomes rough, we recommend to smooth it with fine grit sandpaper and use a damp sponge to remove the sandings.

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