The terms and conditions of this privacy policy are valid for the webpage/Online Store of ALEXANDER FILATOV FIE (hereinafter BalticTinyLeaf) ( The principles of the Privacy Policy concern gathering, using, publishing, forwarding and storing personal data (hereinafter jointly Processing). Personal data are processed in compliance with the requirements prescribed by law and by applying all precautions for the protection of personal data. Upon using the website, the customer confirms that they agree with this Privacy Policy.

1. Processor of personal data
ALEXANDER FILATOV FIE Commercial registry code: 16750134
Address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Sõle tn 45-18, 10311

2. Personal data collection and processing
BalticTinyLeaf shall consider all data concerning a natural person identified or to be identified as personal data. These include:

  • First name and surname
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Personal identification code
  • Information about the purchases made at BalticTinyLeaf shops and from the Online Store

BalticTinyLeaf shall send its clients newsletters and offers only if the client has given their consent therefor. Client have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

BalticTinyLeaf has the right to forward personal data to:

  • transportation companies if necessary for delivering the purchases made by a client on the Online Store;
  • supervision and investigative bodies when it is required by law;
  • courts, organs resolving extrajudicial proceedings, companies involved in debt collection;
  • BalticTinyLeaf cooperation partners for forwarding marketing notices (except when the client has not given their consent for receiving newsletters and offers).

BalticTinyLeaf shall observe and ensure that all cooperation partners who are sent a client’s personal data based on this Privacy Policy are keeping the personal data confidential under a contract and ensure that the personal data are protected pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act.
Clients have the right to view the data collected about him/her, demand at any time that their personal data are corrected or the processing thereof is terminated.
If the client finds that their rights have been violated while processing their personal data, the client has the right to approach BalticTinyLeaf, the Data Protection Inspectorate or court.

3. Other data collection
BalticTinyLeaf also collects non-personal data that does not reveal the person’s identity (e.g. sex, age, location). These data are collected and processed for analysing the visitors’ volume and their purchasing behavior in order to amend and develop the products and services provided by BalticTinyLeaf.

4. Data collection methods
Personal and non-personal data may be collected as follows:
Upon submitting contact details to BalticTinyLeaf stores or the Online Store;
By using the website via the user account details or cookies;
Upon making a purchase, price query or order from BalticTinyLeaf stores or the Online Store;

5. Security
All personal data that has been disclosed to BalticTinyLeaf are treated as confidential information.
Personal data can only be accessed for processing and amending by authorised person and BalticTinyLeaf shall apply all precautions (incl. administrative, technical and physical measures) to protect the client’s personal data.

6. Changes to our privacy policy
BalticTinyLeaf has the right to change the Privacy Policy terms and conditions by publishing the amended Privacy Policy on its website. BalticTinyLeaf shall ensure that the personal data protection prescribed by law is ensured, irrespective of any changes. Please visit this website regularly to view any changes.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy or data processing, please contact us at

7. Payment is made outside the e-shop in the secure payment environment of the service provider Maksekeskus AS.